1 on 1 session

"Sessions with Vanessa are a unique space to talk about my sexuality in ways that leave me feeling empowered to be proactive in my sex life. I am free to share my history and current personal experiences with nothing feeling too trivial. From these sessions I have gained a greater understanding of my past sexual experiences and some clarity about what I want in my life now, and most importantly, how to get that. I always leave feeling affirmed, encouraged and with new insights about myself and life. It is such a special and much needed conversation that I wouldn't otherwise have the opportunity to experience."


1 on 1 session

"One on one consults with Vanessa have been transformative for my general wellbeing and life as a whole.  Vanessa has helped me to view things holistically to see “sex” as just one magnificent facet of life, and not something to be put on a pedestal.  The practical actions she has recommended have helped me to nurture and balance all aspects of my existence.  I now know self-loving (ensuring my cup is full!) and feeling deserving of love is the first step toward having a wonderfully full and positive sex life, and thanks to Vanessa I have the tools to ensure this is achieved. 

As a human Vanessa emanates such warmth and love, I felt so comfortable opening up and sharing things I would normally struggle to talk about.  She creates safe space, and has a beautiful way of balancing the spiritual and practical.   She also has a wicked sense of humour, and such kind supportive eyes you cannot help but feel at ease.

I have already grown so much with Vanessa’s assistance and I look forward to continuing my sexy journey of self-development with her assistance into the future."


Pleasure Weekend

"Can I say how amazing Pleasure Weekend was?  Yes I can.  I’m feeling like a beautiful goddess, love my scars, love my new boobs, albeit different, love my vagina, love being so feminine (I live in a man’s word).  I didn’t realise how much I didn’t love my new self.  I knew I had blocks to clear and your workshop was the first (ongoing) step.  Yes I’d like to do more learning to love myself.  You are an awesome, beautiful lady and held the space for all the different ladies so well.  Wow, What a big job.  Your passion and excitement is inspiring.  You made it comfortable right from the first word.   Yes I had to learn a few things about me and sharing, but that’s one of the reasons I came, I guess hahaha.  Such a fantastic learning for me.  Thank you.

I was surprised how much I didn’t judge anyone……except myself.  Great that I noticed."


Pleasure Weekend

"You haven't fully met yourself until you've attended one of Mia Muse’s Pleasure Workshops. This is a theoretical and practical guide to fully understanding your ability as a woman. Tapping into my sensuality has had a positive impact on my confidence and how I approach each and every day. I’m more connected to my sense of self and more present and aware of negative self talk. It’s so much more than sex and something every woman should attend."