Upcoming Events

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Pleasure Weekend ( 2 & 3 of August, 2019)

In this workshop you will learn fundamentals regarding the cis-gendered female pleasure anatomy, the capabilities of a woman’s body in relation to orgasm and feeling pleasure and you’ll also discover what it means to fully inhabit your sexuality and feel fully alive. Connect deeply with yourself and your desires. You remain fully clothed in this workshop. Do not worry. 


Sensual Yoga (4 Weeks starting May 19th, 2019)

Sensual yoga, also referred to as yin flow or shakti yoga is a sensual, explorative and intuitive yoga practice designed to balance the more yang, power oriented styles of yoga we explore here in the West. This practice explores all the qualities aligned to the divine feminine, including introspection, breath, sound, intuitive movement both subtle and wild.  This is a 4 week course starting with the fundamentals and exploring different themes each week. Explore and connect to your deepest self.  Each week includes, some facilitated discussion and a yoga class.  Facilitated by sexologist and yoga teacher Vanessa Muradian.


Sex Talks (We come to your event)

Our founder and sexologist Vanessa can tailor an event to your needs. This is perfect for Hen's nights, Birthday parties, a night with your girls or just a group of friends wanting to get together and know more about sex. A great night of sexy conversation and life changing knowledge to nurture a sexier, healthier, more adventurous you.