Empowering women to connect intimately through cultivating sensuality, vitality and love.



Objects of Pleasure

We (yes, us women) have hand-picked the best pleasure objects and sex toys from around the world. We’ve streamlined the range over the years to offer you what we think are the most well-made, easy to use and sexy objects out there. We pride ourselves on information and making the uncomfortable, comfortable.


Connect Intimately

Mia Muse hosts events and workshops which facilitate connection to your most authentic self. We have realised over years of work that mixing scientific information with embodiment techniques provides a really practical and tangible experience for understanding your sexuality. So that you can take what you have learned and apply it as part of your greater wellbeing. We'd love you to join us for these creations. 

1 on 1

Sexology Sessions

"I believe sexuality and our connection to our sexual selves is imperative in living a full and healthy life. I provide a safe space for women to explore and nurture this vital connection, for dynamic and passionate living.” - Vanessa (Founder of Mia Muse)

Let's Talk About Sex