Mia Muse 

Mia Muse is the first of it's kind, an 'adult' business that focuses on women's greater wellness. Mia Muse started in Melbourne in 2008 and has evolved over the years, however the primary focus of Mia Muse is to connect women intimately with themselves, through cultivating sensuality, vitality and love.

Our founder, Vanessa has always had a passion for having a good deep and meaningful chat, she realised quite early on that a lot of these good chats involve sex stories, good and not-so-good, sadly often traumatic. Vanessa wanted to create a space that was an extension of the intimacy and magic that was felt in a good conversation between friends - this space also needed to provide women a sense of freedom through exploration and expression.

Mia Muse was created.  

Mia Muse is a place for women to explore their sexuality and themselves as whole beings, this means we accept you however you want to show up. We hope through our products, conversations with us and at our events you feel safe and inspired to embrace your most unique and authentic, loving self. 

Meet the Founder  


Vanessa Muradian

Vanessa Muradian is a sexologist and the Founder of the women-centric sex & wellness business Mia Muse. Vanessa has been in β€œthe” industry, for almost 10 years now and runs workshops, sensual yoga, facilitates sex-coaching sessions for individuals and couples and sells sex-toys. Vanessa first realised she was a sexual being while watching the Blue Lagoon in the mid 80s.