All You Need to Know About Female Ejaculation (Squirting or Gushing)

“It felt addictive, like I had to let go. I was scared at first, I didn’t know what was coming – was it wee? I’m also shocked that I could do it twice, even three times. It’s like once the switch was on – it was on”.

What we’re talking about is female (cis-gendered female anatomy) ejaculation. Some prefer to stick with the term gushing or squirting, but for the sake of this article we’re going with female ejaculation.

I have done a lot of reading and incidental ‘field work’ on female ejaculation and still I am baffled and confused by the amount of information and lack of definitive answers.

There really is no black and white when it comes to female ejaculation. We do know it has been documented throughout history in sex texts and through other anatomical research. However, the first official research was engaged in by Dr. Beverly Whipple and Dr. John Perry who concluded that during intense sexual excitement, or as orgasm approaches, many women produce a clear, alkaline fluid that is not urine and it can vary in amount from a few drops to about a quarter of a cup (Rebecca Chalker, The Clitoral Truth).

I’m going to try and explain what we know as purely and simply as possible;

A woman can ejaculate without climaxing.

I use the term climax, because orgasm as a term itself is also not black and white.  Sometimes a whole sexual experience from the first kiss to final exhale can feel like an orgasm. I will leave this up to the woman to decide how she feels and if she feels like she had an orgasm. The point of viewing sex like this is TO RELIEVE THE PRESSURE OF ORGASM. Have you ever just been in bed with someone when they get all annoyed that you won’t ‘cum’ – well, let me just re-iterate, that ain’t helping.

And on the other hand, like a friend said the other day – “God damn, sometimes I just want a good fuck and an orgasm”.

Anyway, back to ejaculation, a woman can ejaculate fluid without orgasm.

The prostate (female) or the urethral sponge is where the fluid comes from.

Essentially, we know that women have a urethra and surrounding the urethra is a sponge. The sponge has been identified in the first study of its kind to contain prostatic-like glands embedded in it (the same tissue is also found in the male prostate). Essentially these glands produce the fluid that will squirt out of the urethra when a woman (not all) is pleasured in a way that stimulates the glands (in banter with my friends, I like to call this ‘milking the sponge).

These glands that can be felt through the vaginal wall were named by researchers Whipple and Perry as the G-spot – or even, the female prostate. Rebecca Chalker points out her in book that in 1998 Australia researchers concluded in their studies of the female urethra and genital anatomy that the sexual function of the urethra is an issue that should be investigated.

Ejaculate is not urine but may contain traces of it.

News just in! Like literally just read this in a Journal article entitled Biochemistry of Female Ejaculation which suggests that two different fluids are release by women, one contains more uric acid concentration, this fluid will come from the bladder and is probably the expulsion that is affected by how hydrated you are.

And the other type of expulsion is said to be more ‘ejaculate’ like in consistency and visually is similar to male ejaculate.

If you’d like to know more about this research please watch our video on female ejaculation.

If you are interested in ejaculation and doing it, women can teach themselves by enhancing sexual response and strengthening pelvic floor muscles.

And remember, beauty is in the individuality and the journey.

Celebrate your sexuality.

*We acknowledge that female can refer to those both cis-gendered and not.