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The Eleventh Muse Pty Ltd is dedicated to keeping your details private. 
Any information, we collect in relation to you, is kept strictly secured. We do not pass on/sell/swap any of your personal details with anyone. We use this information to identify your orders, provide you with our newsletter (if applicable) and to personalise your shopping experience with us; that's all. The Eleventh Muse Pty Ltd uses cookies to allow you to login to your account, maintain a shopping cart and to purchase items in your shopping cart. 

Cookies sent to your computer from The Eleventh Muse Pty Ltd only last while you’re browsing our website. We do not store persistent cookies on your computer. Cookies also allow us to give you a more personalised shopping experience by displaying products that interest you throughout our product pages, thus providing you with a more friendly, interesting and enjoyable shopping experience. 

Whenever you use our web site, or any other web site, the computer on which the web pages are stored (the Web server) needs to know the network address of your computer so that it can send the requested web pages to your Internet browser. The unique network address of your computer is called its "IP address," and is sent automatically each time you access any Internet site. From a computer's IP address, it is possible to determine the general geographic location of that computer, but otherwise it is anonymous. 

We do not keep a record of the IP addresses from which users access our site except where you have specifically provided us with information about yourself, in which case we also record your IP address for security purposes. An example of this would be when proceeding to a checkout to finalise an order you may wish to make. After completing the form provided, your IP address will be stored along with a transaction number that allows us to track your order. 

Security policy

When purchasing from your financial details are passed through a secure server using the latest SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption technology. SSL encryption is approximated to take at least one trillion years to break, and is the industry standard. If you have any questions regarding our security policy, please contact our customer support centre at 

The Eleventh Muse Pty Ltd (Trading as MIA MUSE) 

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Privacy Statement
The Eleventh Muse (Trading as MIA MUSE) is subject to the Privacy Act 1988 which requires that we comply with the Information Privacy Principles (IPPs) set out in the Act. The IPPs set out how Australian Government agencies should collect, use, store and disclose personal information and how individuals can access records containing their personal information.
The personal information handling practices of The Eleventh Muse are detailed in the annual Personal Information Digest. This sets out the kind of personal information collected or held by The Eleventh Muse, what it is used for, to whom it is disclosed and how access to the information can be arranged.

General enquiries about The Eleventh Muse’s compliance with the IPPs can be made to customer care officer for MIA MUSE. Any complaints about the The Eleventh Muse’s personal information handling practices can be made also to the customer care officer for MIA MUSE by contacting us on

General information about the Privacy Act and IPPs can be found on the Office of the Privacy Commissioner’s website.

About this website

The Eleventh Muse is committed to protecting privacy in accordance with the Guidelines for Federal and ACT Government World Wide Websites issued by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner.
While every effort is made to secure information transmitted to this site over the internet, there is a possibility that this information could be accessed by a third party while in transit.

Information logged

When you visit this site, our server logs the following information:

the type of browser and operating system you are using

your top level domain name (for example .com, .gov, .au, .uk)

the address of the referring site (for example, the previous site that you visited)

your server's IP address (a number which is unique to the machine through which you are connected to the Internet: usually one of your service provider's machines)

the date and time of your visit, andthe address of the pages accessed and the documents downloaded.

This information is used only for statistical analysis and systems administration purposes. No attempt is made to identify users or their browsing activities, except in the unlikely event of an investigation by a law enforcement agency.

Electronic mail addresses

We will only record your e-mail address if you send us a message. It will only be used for the purpose for which you provide it. In particular, we will not add it to a mailing list unless you request that this be done or disclose it without your consent.

Some pages of this Internet site provide the facility for users to subscribe to email mailing lists. To subscribe to these services users need to provide a valid email address. These email addresses will only be used for the purpose for which you have provided them. Email mailing list addresses are stored on a separate server and can only be accessed by authorised MIA MUSE staff.

A cookie is an electronic token that is passed to your browser which passes it back to the server whenever a page is sent to you.
Our server generates one cookie which is used to keep track of the pages you have accessed while using our server. The cookie allows you to page back and forwards through the website and return to pages you have already visited. The cookie exists only for the time you are accessing our server.

Search terms you enter when using our search engine are collected, but are not associated with any other information that we collect. We use these search terms to ascertain what people are looking for at our site, and to improve the services that we provide.

Links to other sites
This site may contain links to other sites. The Eleventh Muse is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of these sites.