Uberlube (Silicone Lube)

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Uberlube (Silicone Lube)

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Überlube is currently one of the best silicone-based lubricants that boasts many possible uses: not only can this function as a sexual aid, but this lube can also be used as hair serum, make-up primer, massage oil, moisturiser, and even shoe polish.

Containing only four ingredients [dimethicone, dimethiconol, cyclomethicone, and tocopheryl acetate] this lube is absolutely unique in its minimalism.  It’s glycerine- and paraben-free, making Überlube an option for those who are prone to yeast infections and UTIs.

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Voted No.1 Silicone lube for good reasons!

  • This lubricant is completely odorless and tasteless.
  • Upon application, the lube is thin and silky.
  • It rubs into the skin smoothly, leaving a sleek, long-lasting finish that can be rubbed away, making this lube an effective massage aid.
  • Überlube is never sticky nor tacky, nor does it leave any oily residue.
  • Überlube comes in a chic clear glass bottle with a pump, allowing for ease of use during sexual activity.
  • Its minimalist design makes it subtle and nightstand-safe.

Sexual Wellness:

  •  Überlube is a premium lubricant - uniquely designed to transfer sensation while reducing friction.
  •  Feels natural and amazingly silky, performs as long as you're using it, then dissipates across skin leaving a soft, moisturized feel, never wet or sticky.
  •  Will not harm healthy bacteria or affect Ph levels.
  • Scentless, tasteless, non-staining. Will not harbor outside yeast, bacteria, or mold.
  • Treatment pump is metered and allows one hand to stay free during use. No caps to open and close.
  • Latex safe: Optimal for use with all condoms and dental dams, as well as with non-silicone sexual aids such as stainless steel or Pyrex glass sex toys

Sports Performance & Endurance

  • Althetes use überlube as a long lasting anti-chafe.  
  • It also works as a chlorine block and hair conditioner by protecting the cuticle of the hair.
  • Überlube lets skin glide across itself in a non-greasy, body friendly way - extremely long lasting, will work as hard as you do.

   Use überlube as a weightless, oilless finishing product to tame, de-frizz, and add a perfect understated sheen to your hair.  Stylists have been using überlube for years, and now you can too.
   Überlube can be used on its own or mix it 50/50 with your favourite product.  You'll love the texture and handling.

Made in the USA.