Sensual Yoga (4 week course)

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Sensual Yoga (4 week course)


Shakti yoga, also referred to as yin flow is a sensual, explorative and intuitive yoga practice designed to balance the more yang, power oriented styles of yoga we explore here in the West. The class is run by sexologist and yoga teacher Vanessa Muradian.

Each week includes, discussion and yoga class.  

Dates: TBC

Women of all kinds welcome. 

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This practice explores all the qualities aligned to the divine feminine, including introspection, breath, sound, intuitive movement both subtle and wild.  This is a 4 week course starting with the fundamentals and exploring different themes each week. Explore and connect to your deepest self.

  • Great for women who are feeling disconnected from their body and their sexuality.
  • Perfect if you need some time for yourself to cultivate and nurture intimacy and sensuality.
  • A chance to sit with other women, to witness each other and connect. 

This is a women's only space - for those who identify. We welcome all who feel this is the space for them. 

Classes will be held at Eve Studio in Preston.

268 Raglan Street,

From 4-6pm on Sundays in April, starting the 8th.