Rose Quartz Pleasure Wand

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12_Yoni Pleasure Palace (1).jpg

Rose Quartz Pleasure Wand

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The Rose Quartz wand is a beautiful object to reconnect lovingly to your body. In your yoni or anywhere else on your body for massage.

Properties of rose quartz:

  • Opens the heart chakra

  • Promotes sensually

  • Stimulates love on any level, attracts love, platonic, romantic, erotic, JUST LOVE

  • If you've got an aching heart place the stone on the centre of your chest and meditate with it. Breath into your heart.

Rough sizing:

The original wand is around 19cm in length and at the biggest point the circumference is about 14cm.

The small wand is about 14 cm in length and at the biggest point the circumference is about 9cm.

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The Rose Quartz is a stone of the Heart Chakra and represents unconditional love.

It carries a soft yin energy aligned to compassion, peace, nurturing and love.

You can use this stone to meditate with, particularly with the heart chakra. Breath into your heart, exhale allowing the energy of the stone to hold you in your loving essence. As the stone is aligned to unconditional love, it is really good for allowing you to soften into forgiveness and tolerance, where needed.

Since it is a living crystal (as opposed to a manufactured substance), rose quartz possesses a quality of connectedness to the earth and to all life.

Our stone products should be used intentionally, this is a big part of the practice. If you align your thinking with the qualities above, the power of the product will enhance greatly. Like all good things in life, where attention goes energy flows. 

Enjoy your wand in your yoni or anywhere on your body aside from your anus. These toys are not recommended for use in the anus as they do not have the added 'rim' that stops them from being swallowed. ;) You've been warned. 

All our stone products are unique and may differ slightly from the photograph due to properties of raw materials. 


When you receive the wand, sterilise the wand with hot water (not boiling) and chemical free soap (or vinegar) first to clean off any bacteria.

You can energetically cleanse your wand in the ocean, under a full moon, or in some sea salt and water at home. This washes the energy off the wand from the manufacturer and myself (from packaging). It resets the crystal and infuses YOUR energy into the crystal.

And after each use wash with soap and warm water, and leave in a sacred space in your room.

Lots of love, feel free to shoot us through any questions.